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March 26, 2010

After months of hard work, and thanks to the expertise of Adrian Bailon at TigerXTiger we’re now able to have a brand new look for our blog!

Now, presenting our new blog, The Star Gazer!

We now have a new layout, new name, and coming soon is new content! We’ll continue to update you with the newest in DDA and the community.

Please remember to update your bookmarks to www.dda604.com, as we’ve changed servers and our dda604@wordpress will no longer be updated.

Until the next post, stay tuned.


Blogathon: In the News: Part 5

July 25, 2009

Found another interesting read about autism when I was doing some research.

It’s another research that hopes to pinpoint the origins of autism. It compares social etiquette between and intellect. It also studies what is the appropriate social development for what ‘age.’ I’m not sure if I think this is oversimplifying things or not, but perhaps it could be the way the article is written. Regardless, I did think the observations and research highlighter in the article were quite profound.

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Blogathon: In the News Part 4

July 25, 2009

I’m still taking a look at what kind of news involves the topic developmental disabilities and I notice that all the search results are starting to look the same. I don’t mean they’re giving the exact same news story over and over again, but that each of the news stories pretty much just involve the success of a fundraiser for a developmental disabilities organization. There are very few news stories about what a self-advocate has done, or people winning special olympics, new innovations regarding developmental disabilities, new plans for developmental disability services and facilities and so on.

I think it took until the 4th page before I got an article about a person with developmental disabilities struggling to get employed. The first three pages were more or less about non-profit organizations helping out people with developmental disabilities. While I think that’s good and dandy, I would like to see more stories on people with developmental disabilities and their daily struggles so that we can relate to them better. We know they experience hardships all the time, but we sometimes can’t make the connection unless we read more about it. This way, the organizations become a bit more relevant after the context has been established.

I will try to start posting more photos (or photos, period) in my blog entries. Please be patient.

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Blogathon: What Year Is It?

July 25, 2009

More for the blogathon.

So I was reading up on Developmental Disabilities news recently and I came across this http://www.pro8news.com/news/local/50906032.html (compliments of Google News) last week, and today when I was blogging, I remembered it.

I was a little shocked to read this. I mean, I’m not surprised that there is discrimination still, but to beat up a person with disabilities (heck, having a disability…that’s a sidenote)? I don’t even know where to begin. And this is a teen/child we’re talking about. I don’t mean to judge, and the purpose of this entry is not to judge, but to show just how people still react to people with developmentally disabled people. I mean, I read this and my mouth went dry. And in addition, isn’t violent discrimination a bit outdated? I thought we had reached a point in time where people would be civilized because they are more knowledgeable about…well…everything!

I take the bus to and from work every day. I notice a lot of people with Down Syndrome also take the bus. They’ve never been rude, and even if they’re not especially polite (which is rare cause usually they are the few most polite ones), they definitely do not go out of their way to bother anyone. Unless sitting in a seat is offensive at any given point in time, they’re just like any other passenger if not better. Regardless of the situation, why would you resort to violence? I have no more words.

Has anyone else read any similar stories in the news?

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