Cash 4 Clothes: Haiti Fundraiser

March 19, 2010

Thank you to everybody who participated in our Cash 4 Clothes Haiti Fundraiser. We managed to collect a total of 323 bags of clothes (and household items) for a grand total of $969. Because I wanted to take advantage of the matching contributions deadline, I donated $1000 in advance. Using the matching contributions through a friend’s HSBC employment and through the government, our donations totaled $3000 for Haiti! Here are a few pictures of the bags of clothes collected in the garages of my house and my friend’s house.

Again, thank you everybody who donated. If you’re interested in doing a fundraiser for your own purpose (sports team, charitable purposes, etc), you can take advantage of the Developmental Disabilities Association’s Cash-4-Clothes program as well.


Fundraising for Haiti with DDA

January 20, 2010

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Rattay, Reuters

With another major aftershock of 6.1 in Haiti this morning, and an ever increasing death toll, a few friends of mine decided to start a fundraising group for Haiti. We’ll be taking advantage of the Developmental Disabilities Association, Cash 4 Clothes program, to raise funds for the Haiti victims.  Cash 4 Clothes, in a nutshell, works like this:

  • Collect a minimum of 75 full bags of clothes and up to 150 full bags at one time, and DDA gives you $2.00 per bag
  • If you collect over 151 full bags at one time, DDA gives you $3.00 per bag
  • DDA will pick up all the bags after the clothing drive has been completed

Our goal is to reach $1000 for Haiti. All the money we raise from collecting bags of clothes and donating them to DDA will go directly to helping Haiti. The benefits of Cash 4 Clothes will be helping two charitable and important causes: locally, the Developmental Disabilities Association; and internationally, with the people in Haiti.

If you would like to help out with this fundraiser, you can drop by DDA’s Head Office with your bags of clothes and/or housewares. Simply leave them with the receptionist and let her know the bags are for Victor. You can also start your own fundraising group for Haiti (or for any other cause, organization, or sports team that needs money) through our Cash 4 Clothes program.

Update: I was just informed that Savers/Value Village, where DDA sells their used goods, will be delivering trailers of used clothing, bed, bath and shoes to the areas in need at Haiti!