Abilities versus Disabilities via Island Times Magazine

An editorial article by me and written for the Island Times Magazine was recently featured in a full-page bonus article on page 46 of their latest edition. You can view an interactive version of the latest edition of the Island Times Magazine from this link here, or you can read the full article in an HTML version here. Here’s a short excerpt of the article:

Leola Purdy’s second son, Bobby, was born with Down Syndrome in the late 1940’s and suffered further brain damage from delivery forceps. She had hoped that when Bobby reached school age, he would at least be admitted to the Vancouver School Board’s special classes for “slow learners.” What she found out, however, was that the schools only accepted “educable” children, and under their definition, that did not include Bobby. (Continue reading…)

For more info on the editorial or on Island Times Magazine, you can follow Island Times Magazine on their Twitter @IslandTimesMag.


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