Worthington Sees the Olympic Torch

This is a special guest blog post by our Janet Hoffard from our Worthington Residence.

The clients at our Worthington residence were invited by Edward Kaufmann’s PLAN to join in the celebration of the Paralymplic torch relay at Riley Park, in Vancouver, B.C.  Dawn Turner and Edward Kaufmann were thrilled to be able to accept this invitation.

Dawn said that she really enjoyed seeing the torch runner.  Some of the other highlights of her experience at Riley Park were the band and the lady juggling fire on someone’s shoulder.  Dawn was impressed with people wearing red and taking pictures and really liked that flags and pins were being given out to people.

Edward Kaufmann said it was fun and he was thrilled with being able to lift the torch with the flame in it and to have his picture taken with the lady who won a gold medal.  He felt honoured to be able to hug the “gold medal artist”.  He was also pleased that everyone was so nice to him and that people he knew were at this wonderful event including his good friend Lyle.  Ed was also super excited that people took pictures of him and that he was on T.V.


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