Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games

Congratulations to all the stellar athletes that competed in this years Winter Olympics, and congratulations to the US for having the highest total medal count, and our Canadian athletes for coming out top with the highest gold medal count of 14 golds. A full medal count can be viewed at the Vancouver 2010 website here.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Cauldron

Photo credit: GillTy (on Flickr)

Although plenty of the international athletes and visitors have left, and Vancouver is no longer buzzing with the same Olympic fervor, I’m excited for the upcoming 2010 Paralympic Winter Games that will be happening from March 12 – 21. ¬†Historically, Canada has consistently been placed as one of the top 10 country’s for the Winter Paralympic Games, and currently totals 96 Paralympic medals in total. With Vancouver welcoming an additional 1,350 athletes to compete in this year’s Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, I’m sure the medal count will change for many countries.

It’s a little bit disappointing to have many of the international pavilions and attractions closed during the Paralympic Winter Games, but there’s a great list of events and sights that will still be up and available during that time, posted courtesy of

The Paralympic Winter Games are an important part of the games as they represent diversity and epitomize the Developmental Disabilities Association’s motto of “overcoming obstacles, encouraging abilities”.

For more information on the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, you can check out the official website here.


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