The First Olympic and Paralympic Athlete

This is an excerpt from the Modern Mom on the “First Olympic and Paralympic Athlete“. Strongly encourage you to read the entire article. It’s well thought out and very motivating!

Brian McKeever is a special winter Olympian. He is a cross country-skier representing Canada and the first athlete to compete in the winter Olympics and Paralympics.

McKeever lost most of his vision in his late teen years. He explained in a press conference that in a span of four months he went from being able to read the board from the back of a 400 person college lecture hall to having to squint in the first row. According to Reuters, he suffers from Stargardt’s disease and is now legally blind. He has 10 percent of his vision left, but it is peripheral. McKeever stated, “most of my races are mass start events and I will be able to follow other people in those events. So there will be lots of guides, you just have to be aware that they are not racing with you, they are trying to beat you.”

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