Adventure at Champlain Child Development Centre’s Backyard

This is a special guest blog post by our Manager at Champlain Child Development Centre, Katharine.

In our backyard…

Once upon a time there was a group of curious children and their equally curious teachers. They went for a walk to the duck pond, the trees were bright green, the sky was filled with fluffy clouds, and the big round sun was shining as they walked along the wood chip path…

Bulletin board created by the children describing what they saw.

As much as we love our playground at Champlain Child Development Centre, we also enjoy the times that we get to be on the other side of the fence and explore “our backyard”.

Down the hill, across the field and through the forest you will find a hidden treasure that is called Everett Crowley Park. The park is a 100 acres filled with nature and something to look at around every bend. From 1944 to 1967 the area was Vancouver’s main landfill, now it is Vancouver’s 5th largest park and one of our number one places to go for a walk.

We found this tire on top of the hill and wondered if it was from the landfill.

As you walk through Everett Crowley you can hear a variety of birds singing in the trees, flowers peeking out from under moss and the occasional “quack” in the distance. When you reach the lowest part of the park you will find the duck pond which in the Spring and Summer is filled with ducks, frogs, turtles, and lily pads. The children love to be able to march up onto the dock to get a closer look what is in the duck pond, however on our recent trip we noticed that the duck pond water was quite high, we thought maybe it was because we have had so much rain. Then we looked and noticed that the path that we walk on for the rest of our walk was fully submerged underwater! This adventure was getting very interesting…

Under the water is the path that we use to walk on to go around the pond.

In the distance we heard some voices and we went to check it out as we walked along the new wood chip path which led us to two men working. They told us that they had flooded the duck pond by three to four feet to create a bigger habitat for the ducks and other birds. They also cut down some trees to create more light for the birds and make it more welcoming.

Ducks swimming around in the pond.

We are looking forward to our next adventure into “our backyard” to see what changes there will be.


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