Flu Season Returns

Remember late 2009, there was huge concern for the outbreak of h1n1, and our Executive Director,  Alanna Hendren, even wrote a first-hand blog on the experiences of catching that virus?  In all the hullaballoo about the h1n1, we forgot how miserable the typical flu can make you feel.  Both Victor and I have been unlucky enough to catch some sort of bug. Even now, I am blogging from the comfort of my own home instead of the office. The sunny weather is a nice change from the rainy days, but somehow it seems like the prime opportunity to catch the flu! Many people at the office have fallen victim to the bug and are all staying home so that they don’t spread the bug around!

The Health Agency of Canada is keeping us posted with the spread of the seasonal flu on their FluWatch website, so if you would like more info, visit their website. Remember, even though “it’s just the flu”, there are preventative measures–for info on preventative measures, visit Health Canada’s site on some simple tips.

Until next time, stay healthy, everyone!


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