The Olympics Are Coming

Over the past few months, you may have experienced being bombarded by news of the Olympics. You turn on the TV, the radio, walk outside, and everything is plastered with Vancouver 2010!

I personally am really excited about this whole thing, so I don’t mind!

The Olympics and ParaOlympics stand for accepting diversity and working together harmoniously, values that DDA embodies. I think it’s really a meaningful message to not look at skincolour, country, disabilities, abilities, and so on (unless it comes to the medal count!). It’s always about the people, and never about our differences!

I hope everyone else is enjoying the saturation of the Olympics. Even with this big event, here at DDA, we plan to celebrate the other holidays that may be eclipsed, like Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day, just to name a few! We also plan on helping paint the town red (not literally). We’re “Red”y, are you?

And don’t worry, Victor will be back soon, so you no longer have to read my mind-numbing blog entries 🙂


One Response to The Olympics Are Coming

  1. Jayant says:

    Sports, specially competitive sports are very important to all of us including the persons with developmental and other disabilities. The question is how much money we should spend on them. Special Olympics and Para Olympics is must, money should not be an issue. These events are a part of their education and training.

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