Mock Bottle Drive to Raise Awareness

I was checking out the news this morning, and I came across a very interesting news article from CTV Edmonton.

This is an Alberta-based news story.

I thought this was a very creative way of getting attention for fund cuts in Alberta for resources for people with developmental disabilities. If you don’t want to read the article, basically, a group of people are having a mock bottle drive to get attention to reverse the provincial liquor tax. They also encouraged people donating bottles to leave messages inside the bottle for the provincial government. They hope to relay their message of the needs for funding for the developmental disabilities sector! This will take place on January 14th, so I’ll be sure to check out for how they did. I’ll update this blog post with more information come January 14th.

I’m unsure about the tax reversal thing, but I do agree it is important for the government to see the impact the cut is making, and I do also think that this is a very buzzworthy fundraiser.

What do you think of this mock bottle drive?


2 Responses to Mock Bottle Drive to Raise Awareness

  1. i think it is great what they are doing. we need the spot if we dont get it we are going to end up in jails or hosptals where the cost is going to be a lot more.

  2. at the rally says:

    I was at the rally last night with the woman I support. I was extremely happy with the turn out, (almost 1,200 people!) and the amount of bottles collected was unreal! We were a loud bunch and I can only hope our voices will be heard by our uncaring government. Billions in bail outs for banks and car companies so the CEO’s can take millions in bonuses, millions given to golf courses and horse racing, yet not enough money for those most vulnerable to recieve even the most basic of care. Wake up Ed Stelmach and see what you are doing to these people! They are human beings who should be treated as such, and they are Albertans! I will be losing my job in Apr if these cuts go through, but my only concern is what will happen to the people I support, I can get another job even if it’s at Tim Horton’s (which would pay me more than I make now), but then where is that going to leave the people I support who need 24hr care? Without the support my agency offers (inclusive education at the University of Alberta, and employment support after graduation from our 4yr program) our students and grads will be prisoners in there own homes. Homes that have limited staff, and care has already been dimished. How can our government think this is an acceptable way for it’s citizens to live. Shame on you!

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