75 Years – The King is Back

As most of you may already know, today is Elvis Presley’s 75th Birthday!

Our adult services clients are big fans of the King, so we threw him a fantastic Birthday Bash at the Trev Deeley Motorcycle Museum. We played non-stop Elvis classics and Elvis himself, came to crash the party! The clients were thrilled to see the King in action, as they hugged him and asked for autographs.

There was a raffle for people who brought in food donations. The prizes were amazing Elvis memorabilia from t-shirts to DVDs to earmuffs. People jammed and danced to Elvis’s hits while admiring the prizes. The King came out to do a trivia session where people could win more prizes.

Lunch consisted of pop, hotdogs, and Elvis’s favourite food, peanut butter and banana sandwich (except we didn’t fry it cause we were trying to watch our calories).

At the end of the celebration, we had a birthday cake for the birthday boy. Everyone had a hunka hunka piece of cake (sorry, I had to) to eat, and some even got to take a piece home! I’ve never seen so many happy faces at a birthday party before. I’m sure that to the clients, this has been a day to remember!

Thanks to all the residential services staff who helped out, everyone had an awesome time remembering Elvis.

Until next year, Elvis has left the building.

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