The Star: Revisited

We’re getting ramped up for the next release of The Star again, and because it’s a new year, I wanted some fresh opinions, suggestions, questions, and so on! I know a little while ago, for the blogathon, I’ve talked a little bit about The Star and taking submissions, but since 2010 has rolled around, I thought it’d be appropriate to bring this to everyone’s attention again.

Thanks to everyone for being so eco-conscious, as mentioned in my last blog post, our e-Star mailing list has increased exponentially. We want to continue that growth, but in order to do that, we need to make the Star a greater publication overall. Doesn’t matter if you receive the Star in the mail or whether you receive it in your inbox, your comments are equally valid! Particularly, I’d love to hear some feedback about the e-Star since it is still relatively new and we want to ensure that the experience is equal to that of our mailed The Star! So email your suggestions and feedback to!

Also, until January 29th, I am taking submissions for the next edition of the Star. So if you’d like to send in your questions, resources and stories relating to developmental disabilities, to share with everyone, email me at

I hope to hear from all of you.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to edit or modify all submissions, and may choose to not publish it if the content is not suitable for our audience.


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