DDA’s Year in Review

Happy New Year, everyone!

Jumping on the whole “this past decade” and “this past year” bandwagon, we’ll take a look at things over the past year for DDA!

Accreditation: We spent most of late 2008 and early 2009 being stressed out about accreditation from CARF, but it turns out we had nothing to worry about. We had amazing accreditation results thanks to the hard work our staff always put in! We had 3 exemplaries, meaning we performed above and beyond in three areas. Read more about it in our CARF blog post!

Online Presence: Our blog was finally up and running on the dda604 domain, and we had finally established a steady tweet too! Before 2009 (and late 2008), we had no part in the twitterverse or the blogosphere.

Chinese Website: We finally launched our fully translated website for the Chinese-reading population. This was a bigger endeavor than we had imagined, but we’ve had a great response. We want to continue to improve it though, so remember to email pr@develop.bc.ca if you have any feedback for it!

e-Star: The e-Star was launched late 2008 but we did not have a steady audience for it until early 2009. The mailing list has since increased by 300%! Thanks to your support and spreading the word, we will work to improve the online experience for The Star.

Community Participation: This year was a great year for DDA’s increasing involvement in the community. We participated in the most parades ever! Take a look at these fancy photos at the end of the post!

I haven’t been here long enough to talk about the Decade in Review, so I’ll need some time to do some research. Until next time!


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  1. Great blog. Please add me to your blog-email.

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