Winter Jackets For All

So as Victor mentioned in the last blog post, I’ll be taking over the blogs for the next little while. For today, though, I’ve recruited some help from a guest blogger, Jason!

To kick off the Holiday Season and in the spirit of giving, we received a generous shipment of winter jackets which were a direct donation to our clients. We made sure that all clients needing and wanting winter wear had received a jacket.

With what was remaining, we helped them fundraise as well. Thanks to all the staff that helped out, we had a very successful winter jacket sale in December. Over the first two weeks of December we sold $1,500.00 worth of new winter wear including coats and jackets for all ages! In addition to raising an incredible amount of money, over 100 DDA Clients received a new winter coat including infants, children and adults.

After the distribution and the sales of the jackets, and ensuring that we  had taken care of DDA clients, we looked into helping out families connected to DDA. We added to their gifts with sports jackets, fleece sweaters, stuffed toys and other small household goods to a family that was sponsored by 11 of our Day Programs. Special thanks to Pandora, DDA’s Human Resources Coordinator for organizing these gifts for the families.

Hopefully, the distribution of these jackets will keep more people warm this Winter.

In the next blog entry, we’ll talk about just how we took it a step further, and gave back to the community!


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