Champlain Child Development Centre’s Christmas Party 2009

Firstly, on a side note, I will be away on vacation until January 15th. Joyce will be taking care of both @DDA604 and our blog. I’m looking forward to reading plenty of her tweets and blogs though!

On December 17, I attended the Christmas Party for Champlain Child Development Centre. There was quite a turnout, with plenty of delicious food. It was a potluck style party (thank you, Katharine, the manager at Champlain, for inviting me, and sorry for coming empty handed), with probably somewhere around 100 people present. The food prepared was a decadent mix of foods ranging from baked mac n’ cheese to sushi and pot-stickers. The parents and staff at Champlain definitely went all-out ensuring that the event would be a success. Additionally, plenty of desserts were prepared for the event, of which all the children (and adults) could not get enough of.

It was plenty of fun, and a definite success for Champlain’s Christmas Party. I always look forward to the great parties hosted at Champlain, and can’t wait till the next one.

Champlain Child Development Centre is located in East Vancouver and services approximately 41 children including both children with special needs and typical needs. It is an inclusive integrated environment that provides a fun and safe environment for children ages 2 -5. For more information on our Child Development Centres, please visit our website.


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