Wrap Up: DDA Open House and Craft Fair

I think it goes without saying – we throw great parties. Our holiday open house finished at around 6pm last night, with plenty of different crafts sold. Many of the people we support were in attendance, along with staff and family members. This was an excellent opportunity for all of us to get together, celebrate our successes, and enjoy the different craft tables, food, wine and desserts we were serving.

We had some stellar crafts done up by Sheryl and Lena. Sheryl’s table hosted an assortment of cards, while Lena showcased her novel “felt story” finger puppets.

For more information on the crafts done by Sheryl, you can visit her website here or follow her on Twitter @sureL.

Our Main Street Drop-In hosted a table with homemade jams, rice crispies, and other goodies.

If you missed out on our Holiday Open House and Craft Fair, you definitely need to make sure it’s on your calendar for next year. It’s the event we’re always excited and looking out for. You can also get your own craft table next year for only $10. This year, I think we had close to 300 people come out, and about 20 different craft tables! We look forward to seeing everybody coming out again next year! 🙂


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