DDA Open House

There are two special events going on today; the DDA Open House in Richmond, and the 2009 International Day of Persons with Disabilities event in Downtown Vancouver. I’ll be doing some live-blogging at the DDA Open House today, so check back often for updates on how the event is coming along. Our DDA Holiday Open House is a time for us to celebrate our success over the past year, showcase our Head Office in Richmond, and to have fun with the friends and families and the people that we support, which help make the Developmental Disabilities Association the success it is today.

It’s around 12:30pm right now and we’re just about finished decorating and setting up. We’ve got plenty of raffle baskets prepared by our Child and Youth Services department ready to be won, including a “Chocolate Delight” and a “Pamper Me” basket.

We’ve also got plenty of toys on sale (most starting at 50 cents and very few exceeding $2!). This is a great place to get some gifts for friends and family.

We’ve got all that ready and our Holiday Open House doesn’t even start for another half an hour! Come by for a drink, some free food, and enjoy the festive atmosphere with all of us here at the Developmental Disabilities Association! More blogs to come!

Update: 2:17pm

Most people are ready at their tables now and selling their goods. Below are some pics of some of the goods that are being sold at our Open House Craft Fair!

More to come!

Update: 5:08pm

Things are coming to an end soon. The raffle for the baskets will be drawn in 20 or so minutes, and sales at tables have been fantastic so far. I’m very happy to have a personal friend at the craft fair today with her own table selling baked goods. Vivian, made the beautiful dressed up sugar cookies above. She’s making quite a name for herself with the cake she did for the Boobalicious Breast Cancer fundraiser.

She’s been telling me she’s really enjoying selling her custom made cupcakes (she made a Twilight cupcake for one person!) and her assorted cookies. She’ll be back next year if you want to try out some of her sweets as well!


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