Client Writing: Red Willow Ranch

If you missed our Fall edition of the Star newsletter, you missed out on plenty of writing from some of our folk at the Main Street Drop-In. Below is Red Willow Ranch, written by Hugh Campbell.

When I went on vacation with all my friends, we went horseback riding together. We rode by the roaring ocean in the late morning. You could hear the loons talking to the others, “Whooooo”.

On the horses we galloped through the fruit orchards – there were plum; apple; and peach trees. We picked different kinds of fruit and ate them afterward. Later we put the horses in the stalls; we fed them, then we had our lunch in the dining room.

Late at night we roasted marshmallows on an open bonfire. It looked hot, the orange flames burst up blazing. The embers were burning red hot and the charcoal smoke flew out.

At the end of the day I felt tired and worn out but the next day I felt better.

If you’d like to read more of what some of our client’s do, you can check out our Canada CODE website, which has a selection of some of their artwork. We’ve got a special day setup tomorrow at our Main Street Drop-In, where clients will be adding some of their photography and writing to our Canada CODE site. If you’re unfamiliar with Canada CODE, definitely check out the website here – your artwork or writing may be featured during the Olympics!


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