Playhouse Halloween Party 2009

This morning, I had the pleasure of attending Playhouse’s Halloween Party. Playhouse is one of the Developmental Disabilities Association’s Child Development Centre‘s nestled in the quiet neighborhood on Brant and East 27th.

This was my first Halloween party of the year, and my first time attending Playhouse, so I brought along my camera to take some pictures of the Halloween party. Kim Looi, the Manager at Playhouse, did a fantastic job organizing the party with her staff. The entire Child Development Centre was decorated with pumpkins, smiling faced paper ghosts, fake cobwebs and other Halloween themed decorations. Most of the children were also dressed in Halloween outfits.

The party started off with some excellent guitar music and singing with all the kids clapping and singing along. After the music came pumpkin pancakes and cantaloupe for the children.

Once the children were done their snacks, they headed off trick-or-treating at the different rooms at Playhouse. They’d knock on the door, yell “trick-or-treat”, and someone would open the door and give the kids healthy Halloween snacks.

The Halloween party was plenty of food, fun, and songs, with plenty of smiles on the faces of all the children. For more photos of Playhouse’s Halloween Party, view the Developmental Disabilities Association’s flickr site.

Playhouse (East Vancouver) – Children 6 months – 3 years old
4107 Brant Street, Vancouver 604-873-6448
Hours of Operation: 7:45am – 5:30pm


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