Disability Services Awareness Day Recap

Over this past weekend, Joyce and I managed a booth at the Disability Services Awareness Day event held by SUCCESS and the Richmond Centre for Disability. Also attending and speaking at the event were a variety of other service providers in the Lower Mainland, along with MP Alice Wong, MLA Rob Howard and Mayor Malcolm Brodie. This was a great opportunity for us to meet some new people and educate them about our services. People were impressed by the variety of workshops offered by the DDA (like the RDSP and workshop on sexuality we hosted recently), in addition to our programs, such as our Family Support program. Most importantly, people were impressed that all our workshops and our Family Support program, were all free.

Disability Services Awareness Day

Disability Services Awareness Day

Joyce and I @ Disability Services Awareness Day

Both Joyce and I enjoyed the Disability Services Awareness Day and look forward to attending next years. See you all again then!


One Response to Disability Services Awareness Day Recap

  1. Elise Walker says:

    Congratulations! I hope this kind of events will always be free for people to learn more about disabilities. I have a sister who’s paralyzed because of a brain clot and I admire people who are always advocating for this cause. Thanks!

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