Client Writing: Werewolf Stars

Too often, people with developmental disabilities are portrayed in the media or perceived by people in general as not only disabled, but incapable of doing much if anything at all. It’s unfortunate that people are often viewed for their disabilities before their abilities. A client of the Developmental Disabilities Association’s Main Street Drop-in, Cindy Saul, showcases again her literary abilities with some Halloween prose.

moon_blogDreamy dark sky, there is a screaming loud cry. Between breaths he whispers mean words. The lightening sky feels powerful, his muddy hair flows like black smoke. The storm stomps inside. Angry monster follows the night cat. Howls run frightened, showing blood dreams. The cat feels scared as he jumps behind the forest tree, beating the beast with his claws.

The werewolf is gigantic. The white moon sits on top of the sky’s starlight as shining big teeth grow out of his mouth. His mouth is open and terrifying.


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