International Day of Older Persons

tomToday is International Day of Older Persons. We’d like to honor one of our long time residences who turns 80 on October 14th, 2009 (which is coincidentally also the day of my birthday)!

Tom Eason, from East 48th, will be reaching this milestone in under two weeks, but continues to be forever  “young at heart.” In the 40’s, he began his working career carrying golf bags for golfers at the Shaughnessy golf course. He later met his wife, Louis, and were married for six and a half years living in their apartment on East 10th. Although the stigma surrounding people with developmental disabilities is that they often cannot have dreams, cannot work, cannot marry and cannot have regular lives; Tom, along with many of our other residences and clients, proves that they most definitely can. Today, we celebrate him and his many achievements, and to recognize today as International Day of Older Persons. All the best to Tom and I’m sure there will be many more birthdays to come!


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