In-Service at Berwick

This Monday, the Child & Youth services staff were all gathered at the Berwick Child Development Centre (at UBC) for an “In Service Day.” Parents who use our Child Development Centres may have noticed the closures at all the centres. In-Service Day is kind of like workshops and training sessions for the staff of all our different Child Development Centres.

I attended this In-Service Day for the first time, and the workshops they held had great variety. To kick off the day, there was a short session of Yoga where staff got to show off their flexibility. There were a variety of workshops that the Child Development Centre Facilitators could attend: Kindergarten Transition for Children with  Special Needs  into the Public School System; Boardmaker Software Training; Encouraging Caring Partnerships and Effective Communication between Early Learning Educators and Families;  and The Importance of Successful Social and Emotional Development in Childhood. The guest speakers were dynamic and open to any questions that our child development centre facilitators had, giving our staff a whole new insight and dimension to their current knowledge so that they could seamlessly deal with new issues of integration and childcare.

To end things off, we had a motivational keynote speaker at the end of it all, Lee Chamberland. She helped the staff loosen up, feel happy, and still be efficient at work. Feeling happy is the key to working well.She gave some really good advice and really got the staff to have a lot of fun (just take a look at the photos!).

What a great debut experience at the In-Service. I am looking forward to future invites to other In-Service Days so that I, too, can learn more about current challenges in childcare.

For more information on our Child Development Centres, visit


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