The Loss of Dianne Trottier

After the loss of the Kennedies, we were hoping to not hear about another tragic loss.

Photo from

Photo from

Over the weekend, a producer with CBC news, Dianne Trottier, was caught in a hit-and-run. Dianne was hit while she was on her wheelchair trying to cross the street.  She passed away at the hospital. Some may recognize her name because of her CBC affiliation, and many more know of her because she inspired. Although she may not be internationally known like the Kennedies, nor was she some sort of celebrity, she was an inspiration in her own right. She played on the Toronto wheelchair hockey league outside of work and she was a well-admired staff at CBC. All who knew her personally has said that she would overcome all obstacles that came her way, whether it be physically, emotionally, or in any other aspect.

This news touches our hearts deeply as we had lost a staff to a hit-and-run back in February (

Our prayers and thoughts go to Dianne’s family and friends for such a loss.Please visit CBC’s page for more details on the news story (


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