Riverside Picnic and a Farewell

DSCN2227 Yesterday, the annual Riverside Child Development Centre Family Picnic took place. Children and their families brought over some goodies to share, while pizza and refreshments were provided.  There were games, face painting a pinata to complete the picnic.

It was my first time at the picnic and I had a fun time. The decor used came from very cool kid-friendly items. There were some CD-ornaments that the children made and hung onto the trees, window paintings on all outside windows with different messages, and some small picnic tables out in the front for parents and children to eat at.

DSCN2235The day was bittersweet though, as Riverside Child Development Centre had to say goodbye to two of their wonderful staff. We wish them the best of luck in the future and we look forward to their visits!

Overall, everyone had a fun time mingling with different parents, teachers, children and staff. Even the notably missing bouncy castle didn’t faze the children–they were having so much fun they forgot about it! I look forward to the next picnic at Riverside.

Currently, the Riverside Child Development Centre, located in Richmond, is still accepting registration. Contact Zahra at 604.214.3844 or email riverside@develop.bc.ca for more information.


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