Congratulations, Tracy

Miss Petite Vancouver 2009

Miss Petite Vancouver 2009

Tracy Chand, aka Miss Petite Vancouver, who has tirelessly advocated for the Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) is the 3rd Runner up at the Miss Canada Petite Globe 2009!  There were 21 delegates in total vying for the title of Miss Canada Petite Globe. Because of her amazing achievement as 3rd runner-up, Tracy is now eligible to compete in the Miss International Tourism 2010 pageant, representing Canada.  She’d like to thank everyone for her support with Miss Canada Globe 2009. Please support her on her new journey for Miss International Tourism 2010.  Check out her website on more details and updates at

We’re very proud of her here at DDA. In our minds, she has already won.  With all the volunteer work she’s been doing and her passion to make a difference, Tracy is the definition of beauty, inside and out.

Congratulations again, Tracy. We’d like to extend our appreciation for all that you’ve done for DDA. We look forward continue working with you in the future.


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