Twestival Local 2009


We’d like to thank everybody who voted for the Developmental Disabilities Association (and the associates at Tang Marketing and Communications) for Vancouver Twestival 2009. It was a tough race to become the top charity in the polls, and we’re grateful for everybody who voted for us. After holding the lead as the charity of choice on the polls for well over a week, we were unable to hold the polls for the last few days.

We’d like to congratulate BC Children’s Hospital Foundation as the winner on the polls for Vancouver Twestival 2009. We’d also like to extend a congratulations to the runner-up, KidSport for their valiant effort on receiving a staggering amount of votes.

The significant amount of support that BC Children’s has received is definitely resonated in everybody who has voted, and the DDA is proud to support BC Children’s Hospital at Twestival as well.

Best of luck to a remarkable charity, and we’ll be sure to support our friends at BC Children’s Hospital at Twestival Vancouver!


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