Canada Line Commotion

canadalineAfter the whole blogathon experience, I thought I used up my blogging quota for the rest of my life, but here I am again, blogging!

As many of you may have noticed, the Canada Line is finally open for business. It’s advertised as a more convenient and efficient form of public transit. While normally this would be exciting news for Vancouver, over the last week or so, fellow public transitters can probably attest to the fact that things have been less than convenient because of all the reroutes, detours, and lack of information.

Here at DDA, a lot of our couriers are clients who take public transit. We had several stranded couriers because the stops had all changed and there wasn’t a clear direction of where to go instead.  It took a lot of phone calls, question-asking, and exploring to get to destinations.  In fact, a lot of staff here who take public transit fell victim to the rerouting and could no longer get in to work at their usual time.  I, myself, take public transit to and from work all the time. Although I was not particularly affected by the rerouting cause I live near the beginning of the bus route, I could see how frustrated passengers who normally took the 98 B-line were.  I’ve also seen some passengers on wheelchairs who travel all the way to a bus stop only to find that that particular bus stop is no longer part of the route so buses end up passing them by.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the Canada Line, but it really does put people at an inconvenience when they’re not aware of certain changes. Hopefully, once school starts, everything will settle down and there will be no more transit horror stories. And when September comes, when all the rerouting is over, I hope there is ample notice of any route changes, bus cancellations, bus stop cancellations, new connection points, and so on so forth. As a regular transitter, I can only hope that the Canada Line will live up to its claims.

I’m sure DDA employees aren’t the only people affected by these changes. What are your thoughts on the opening of the Canada Line?

Disclaimer: This blog is from an individual staff member of DDA and does not express the views of DDA.

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