Celebrating the Life of Eunice Kennedy Shriver

A few days ago I did a blog post on Eunice Kennedy Shriver. This morning, the funeral for Eunice Kennedy Shriver was held with celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Stevie Wonder in attendance. Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s daughter, Maria, performed an amazingly touching eulogy. Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s friend, Loretta Claiborne, a motivational speaker, and Special Olympian also spoke at the funeral. Watch their speeches on video here. I found both their speeches moving and motivational.

If you would like more information on Eunice Kennedy Shriver, please visit the Eunice Kennedy Shriver website.


2 Responses to Celebrating the Life of Eunice Kennedy Shriver

  1. william mitchell says:

    This is the woman who kept her retarded daughter in an institution in Wisconsin. After her family had her LOBOTOMIZED!!!
    Before her lobotomy Rosemary Kennedy was a high functioning
    mentally disabled woman she even kept a diary(she could read and write!)

  2. Hi William,

    Lobotomies were a new procedure in mental health at the time and it was thought that the lobotomy would help prevent her violent mood swings. The result of it was unfortunately leaving Rosemary unable to care for herself. Eunice, however, regularly visited Rosemary in Wisconsin.

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