Another DDA Champion

After receiving a lot of great feedback from Mark’s wonderful experience at the Special Olympics, we thought we’d share another success story! This is a guest blog post by Paulina Bravo, a staff at the Riverside Child Development Centre.

Rosemary with her Medals

Rosemary Groenewegen, a cheerful 39-year-old lady who has been volunteering at Riverside Child Development Centre for 12 years, has recently participated in an exciting event, the Special Olympics BC (SOBC). The 2009 SOBC Summer Games were held July 9-12 in Abbotsford, this is where Rose competed in a series of swimming competitions over the period of two days. As I briefly interviewed Rose about her amazing experience, she told me her mom had taught her how to swim when she was little, she said: “I was probably 5 or 6 when she taught me”. Here is a summary of the 4 out of 5 races she won: 100m freestyle with a finishing at 2nd place;   50 m freestyle finishing at 2nd place;  50m backstroke 01. 17. 67 finishing at 2nd place;  25m butterfly 00.35.42 finishing at 1st place.

As Rose kept telling me about her competitions, she explained to me what butterfly swimming looks like: “up and over, and you go faster” and added, “my friend taught me how to do that, actually.” When I asked her, who was there cheering her on, she said her sister and nephew were there, as well as her coach Matt. She was nervous at first and she felt she didn’t do well at all because of the nerves on the first day of competition. However, the second day,  she said with a big smile on her face, “ I did really well. I got 4 medals: three 2nds and one 1st.”

We are very proud of Rose’s commitment and strength to push the limits. It teaches us, we can do anything if we really make an effort. We’d like to congratulate Rosemary again for her wonderful achievements.


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