Taking Pictures

July 27, 2009

After our long 24-hours of blogging with blogathon, both Joyce and I received a lot of positive feedback from other bloggers. It was great hearing supportive words from other people, and receiving more visits and comments to our blog than experienced before. Of all our blog posts, client writing was something that a lot of our readers asked for more of. Because of that, I have included some writing by Jerome Cousineau from DDA’s Main Street Drop-in, titled Taking Pictures.

Emily Carr - Tree in Autumn

Emily Carr - Tree in Autumn

I am learning how to use a digital camera. It is small, square and has buttons you press to make the camera run.

I have been taking pictures of tall trees – the trees are beautiful because they are colorful; they have big branches and the bark is hard and rough. I also took pictures of the quacking ducks in the blue water; gold dandelions; green leaves and my friends.

I want to learn more about photography because I’m interested in it and I want to take more pictures.  When I take pictures of enormous trees it makes me feel good inside.