Blogathon: No Money to Donate?

I know many people who want to help a charitable cause but don’t want to donate money; however, there are many other things to donate. One way to help your favorite non-profit can be to donate your time. Many charitable organizations rely greatly on volunteers to sustain themself. Some organizations are built mostly out of volunteers. At the Developmental Disabilities Association, we also greatly benefit from our volunteers. We also benefit from and sustain ourselves through the donation of your un-needed clothes, housewares, and unused goods. We do free pickups in the Lower Mainland of clothes and housewares and we also have many donation bins across BC that you can donate your clothes to. By donating your clothes, you not only help fund essential programs for the developmentally disabled, but also help create global marketplace through the resale of your items at lower costs to those in need. In the past year, we’ve recycled over 7 million lbs of potential landfill material by reselling your unused goods. Help the developmentally disabled, help create global marketplace, and help our environment; 3 in one by donating your goods to the DDA.


One Response to Blogathon: No Money to Donate?

  1. whatsnext34233 says:

    Just be sure your donations are re-sellable. To donate what is trash simply COSTS the thrift shops money to dispose of, and you don’t want to do that.

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