Blogathon: Myths of Autism

I recently found another excellent blog on autism and the myths associated with autism. This blog is the Autism Change blog. Below is an entry from one of their blogs that I found particular interesting. See this link for the full entry.

There are so many autism myths floating around out there that debunking them often seems a constant aspect of advocating about autism. (And look out, too, for those autism cults.)

One myth that always rankles me is that autistic children don’t change and that they can’t; that a child will always be a two-year-old inside even when he is six feet tall. It is the case that it’s often not easy for my son to deal with a new situation or a change in circumstances


One Response to Blogathon: Myths of Autism

  1. mscardina says:

    That is definitely a myth and I am here to testify to it. I worked with a 16 year old autistic girl who transformed from that two year old ability into a young woman with likes and dislikes just like most normal 16 year olds. What I discovered was that most of what people had been trying to teach her throughout her sixteen years of life was actually all there in her unconscious memory. It was just a matter of finding the right therapy to bring it out into the open.

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