Blogathon: Corporate Social Responsibility II

logo-jobswestContinuing on Corporate Social Responsibility, I would like to introduce Jobs West to all our readers. Jobs West is a supported employment program by the Developmental Disabilities Association that offers pre-employment screening, placement and training as well as follow-up support. We help job seekers find the right job for them and we help employers find skilled workers to do the job. For employers, we help train and place the right candidate for your job. In other cases, we help identify parts of various jobs within your organization and carve a new job for clients of Jobs West. By carving out a new job, we’re able to maximize efficiecy within your company. Administrative tasks like photocopying, faxing or cleaning can be delegated to your Jobs West hire while your skilled workers can concentrate on other jobs for their specialty.

Jobs West was also recently featured on national media outlet Fairchild TV. A clip of the video will be up within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


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