Blogathon: Why Blogathon? Why DDA?

This is the first of our blogathon posts!

Ok. So in the last month or so, I’ve been tirelessly and endlessly trying to get people to sponsor our Blogathon event. One issue I found with that was because I was a first-time participant, I wasn’t sure how to introduce this event, and also wasn’t sure how to make others ‘understand’ it. I started introducing it as the ‘3o-hr famine…but with blogging’. I was trying to make people understand that we were blogging for a purpose–creating awareness about our association, creating an awareness about our blog, creating an awareness for people at the Developmental Disabilities Association. It’s funny. When you start referring to other fundraising events that have been around for quite a while that requires less ‘technology’, people quickly go “OOOHHHHHH!!!” Yes. That’s right, people. 🙂 So alas, I’ve convinced my pledgers they know what they’re pledging for.

So why is DDA participating in the Blogathon? Well, the answer is more like, why shouldn’t we? It’s a great chance to meet great friends, learn more about other charities, and to let others learn more about us! It’s a win/win. To be honest, I’m normally not an avid blogger, but this is also a great chance for me to take the dive!

In the upcoming few entries, I hope to talk about some recent news about down syndome and autism, and as well, talk about my own observations over the past few months of working at the Developmental Disabilities Association.

Stay tuned!


One Response to Blogathon: Why Blogathon? Why DDA?

  1. sareini says:

    Hi! Just wanted to pop in and wish up good luck in the blogathon this year, and I look forward to reading your posts!

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