Blogathon: Ways to Fundraise

From this blog onwards I will not specify it is for blogathon cause I realized I’ve already selected the category and the tag!

Ok so this entry is not about teaching you how to fundraise. I wish I had that knowledge to share with you, but alas that fountain is not mine to own. However, I do want to discuss what works, what is considered innovative, what we can do in the future of fundraising, and what doesn’t work (sadly).

I can only provide comments on what I think doesn’t work. I’d love some input on this though (what works, what should be coming…).

What I think doesn’t work:

  • random parties with high overhead costs and no real purpose
  • selling frivolous items
  • funless activities
  • what everyone else is doing (seriously, how many of the same event for different organizations can one attend)
  • forcing people to donate to your fundraiser (it may force them to be a one-time-only supporter)

I always hear this at the office. “What’s fun? What can we do that’s fun?” I’d like to know as well.  The blogathon is pretty cool. I mean, I would love to be able to fundraise more via the blogathon, but it’s definitely keeping with the times, and that’s what I appreciate most about it. So what other things can we do to leverage technology and fundraise, while keeping things fun and supporters happy?

More on this later…

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