Blogathon: The Star’s Future

For those who have been keeping up with the Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA), you probably know we release a quarterly newsletter called The Star (please click link if you don’t know about it and would like to take a peak). We’ve been trying to make the newsletter more enjoyable for subscribers, providing information that is relevant, and publishing stories that are interesting.

I’m here to discuss what future steps we could possibly take to make things more interesting for readers. Firstly, some of you might have noticed the e-Star, which is essentially the e-newsletter format of the usual The Star.  Even though our email list isn’t huge for the e-Star, it is growing, and I think that’s a nice first-step towards reducing the paper for The Star, but it can’t just be about reducing paper. I want to create the same experience online as you would reading the physical copy of The Star. I do want to make the layout a little more e-friendly, but am still working out the kinks. I take feedback seriously, so please, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about the e-Star, email me!

For the physical copy of The Star, I want to make sure that it has a re-read value, and that it isn’t just a newsletter that goes straight from your mailbox into your recycling bin.  I also want to make sure that you see it as something that’s attractive, that’d you’d actually not be ashamed of keeping around your house. We’re looking to get more readers involved in the story-process of The Star, so if you have any stories, info, or resources concerning developmental disabilities, please send them by way, and I will try to include what I can into future issues of The Star.


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