Blogathon: Shout Out to the Sponsors: Part 1

I’d like to take some time to thank some sponsors during this blogging experience.

Metro Printers is a HUGE supporter this time around. We’ve been printing wth Metro Printers more than 10 years now. They gave us a whopping $200 in support of our blogging event and we are ever so grateful! We’re very happy to receive the support and will do out best in this blogathon!

This blogathon is only what it is with the support of the pledgers! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the other pledgers! Thanks to everyone else who has pledged. Many don’t want to be named so I won’t name them specifically, but you know who you are, and we really do appreciate it.

We hope that others will continue to sponsor us during the course of this blogathon to make our first-ever blogathon unforgettable.

Up Next: Summer’s Halfway Point


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