Blogathon: Random Item

Those who know me know that I can get addicted to online games VERY easily. I’m not talking about RPGs or anything of the like that, but just simple games like Bejeweled or Tetris or something. And I’ve also got into the spirit of the 2010 games. Well, it’s just my luck cause I found a fun online game INVOLVING the 2010 mascots. It’s like a dream come true.

The game I’m referring to is Operation Recycle. Why I connected with this game is because our Association is all about recycling. We accept clothing, housewares, bottles and books (see , just like in the game. When I saw this game, I thought it was super clever (and highly addictive) with a very good message! If only we had thought to make a game like this, I think it’d be very effective in reaching out to a younger audience about not only recycling, but supporting the DDA and helping out the environment at the same time!

Remember, you can still support us (only takes a short moment to sign up).

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