Blogathon: Random Item #2: Developmental Disabilities

I made this a random item post this isn’t really about developmental disabilities but about what I think people think of it.

I’ve handed out my business cards zealously, but a lot of times when I do, I get a really blank stare. People who have not heard of my association don’t really know what to make of it. They ask me “Developmental Disabilities Association…so…what do you do? What’s a developmental disability?” And then I have to go on a schpiel about what is usually categorized as a developmental disability (you know, the dictionary answer) and talk about Down Syndrome and Autism and so on so forth. I suspect many still don’t know what I’m talking about. And then after I’m done explaining what developmental disabilities is, they then proceed to ask “then what does this have to do with your job?” I, then, have to explain that my job isn’t directly related to the clients, but to the programs that the clients enroll in. I’m the Communications and Design Coordinator so I’m more or less responsible for the brand/reputation we put out and I also design the brochures and newsletters (which reinforces are reputation), so even though I don’t directly work with our clients, I do think I have a part in contributing to the client programs and services and such.  I then proceed to get an “Ooooohhhh” from people. I still stand by my opinion that many don’t understand how what I do affects the clients and association (perhaps I’ll do a more detailed blog post about it later).

I think it’s amusing that people think that if you are working for a non-profit or if you are in support of it, you must need to work directly with the clients in order to make that difference. For your information, you can very well support an organization without having direct contact with the audience at all times. For example, you can sponsor your favourite charity, and that alone will show that you are making a difference for that organization!

Up Next: Shout Out to the Sponsors Part 1


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