Blogathon: My Life at DDA So Far: Part 2

This is a continuation of the last post.

I know the past few posts have still been a bit vague, but the time pressure is getting to me a bit 🙂 I will try harder to dig deeper with the next few.

Since my arrival to the DDA, I’ve been involved with many different events and have done a lot of cool things.

For example, the most relevant of all, this is my first time doing the blogathon. I would normally not volunteer to do this sort of thing, but because I am working at DDA, I do see the value of it! It’s a great event that’s so ‘with the times’ (I know that saying wasn’t with the times…) and it’s a great chance to meet fellow bloggers and also read about their very important causes.

I also helped out with a lot of parties (like the staff appreciation party above)–something that I’m not used to doing. And I’ve written a lot more, for the Star, for internal bulletins, etc.

I’ve helped out with a lot of award submissions, something that I’ve never done in the past. Getting awards is half of the prize, the rest comes from the hard work you put into it and the satisfaction of knowing how much work you put in!

Lastly, I know the definition of “abilities” a lot better now. It’s not what you are doing, but what you can do, and what you have the potential of doing.

Disabilities or no disabilities, we should always strive to reach our fullest potential. It sounds a bit ‘Care Bears’, but it is the truth, and a truth that we shouldn’t ignore.

Please sponsor us for our efforts on the blogathon.

Up Next: In the News Part 4


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