Blogathon: In the News Part 4

I’m still taking a look at what kind of news involves the topic developmental disabilities and I notice that all the search results are starting to look the same. I don’t mean they’re giving the exact same news story over and over again, but that each of the news stories pretty much just involve the success of a fundraiser for a developmental disabilities organization. There are very few news stories about what a self-advocate has done, or people winning special olympics, new innovations regarding developmental disabilities, new plans for developmental disability services and facilities and so on.

I think it took until the 4th page before I got an article about a person with developmental disabilities struggling to get employed. The first three pages were more or less about non-profit organizations helping out people with developmental disabilities. While I think that’s good and dandy, I would like to see more stories on people with developmental disabilities and their daily struggles so that we can relate to them better. We know they experience hardships all the time, but we sometimes can’t make the connection unless we read more about it. This way, the organizations become a bit more relevant after the context has been established.

I will try to start posting more photos (or photos, period) in my blog entries. Please be patient.

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