Blogathon: What’s Around Us

EscalatorsI live in Richmond, BC. Those who know of Richmond probably know what I’m going to talk about. Many malls here do not consider those with disabilities, or heck, even the elderly. Why do I say that? Have you noticed that many  of the multi-level malls lack normal stairs? And also, they rarely have ramps of any sort for wheelchair accessbility. Usually the best you get is an elevator, if you’re lucky, but mostly escalators. This hardly is convenient for many people who can’t move around as easily.

I know what you’re thinking. I mention stairs and you’re like “how is that supposed to be convenient?” It’ll sure be convenient in case of a fire…But my main thing really is escalators. I think they’re really hard to get on and off.  If that’s your only option, it’s always a bit intimidating in my opinion.  It’d be nice if Richmond had good wheelchair accessible setups for each major mall (at the least).  If I am discrediting malls because I have forgotten their enhanced accessibility features, feel free to enlighten me. I’d rather be proven wrong actually.

What do you think of the accessibility issues in Richmond? Significant?

What do you think of escalators? Appropriate for most people?

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