Blogathon: Temple Grandin

Our motto at the Developmental Disabilities Association is “overcoming obstacles, encouraging abilities.” One prime example of overcoming obstacles and encouraging abilities is Dr. Temple Grandin. Sometime mid last year, when I just started working at the DDA, I read an article on Dr. Temple Grandin in one of the local papers. As a child, she had autism and wouldn’t say a word but would either hum sounds or scream. She bit teachers, threw tantrums, and was as uncooperative as possible. Today, she’s 60 years old and is a professor of animal science at Colorado State University. She has a PhD in Animal Science from the University of Illinois and has written over 300 articles and hold patents for various inventions. This is living proof of overcoming obstacles and encouraging abilities. The term “disability” is often embellished and used to stigmatize an individual; in reality, each of us should be concentrating on a person’s unique individual abilities instead of their disability. Dr. Temple Grandin did, and still does, and she is an example of the successes from doing so.


One Response to Blogathon: Temple Grandin

  1. sareini says:

    I think I’d vaguely heard of Temple Grandin before now, but I didn’t know very much about her. Thank you for that.

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