Blogathon: Snoezelen Rooms

If you’ve been following us on Twitter @DDA604, I recently tweeted about an article on Snoezelen rooms. In short, the article writes about the healing abilities of a snozelen room. The article mentions emprical evidence on Snoezelen rooms helping patience speak, ease aggression, ease lethargy and boredom in Alzeheimer’s patients, and help alleviate general anxiety and pain management.

Photo credit: OregonLive .com

Photo credit: OregonLive .com

For people who are unfamiliar with Snoezelen rooms, they’re padded rooms that highly stimulate the human senses of touch, vision and hearing. In our Snoezelen room at our Grandview Day Program, there are lighted streamers, a disco ball, a variety of soothing musics, a bean bag chair, a pool of plastic balls to sink into, amongst other items. I had the chance to visit this Snoezelen room and found it amazing. Walking into there was like walking into another world where your cares and anxieties sink away. Anecdotally, it seems like the sounds, lights, and soft seats help to ground your energy. This room works wonders on our clients, but it was also great for helping me relax.


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