Blogathon: Our Part

I’ve been asked a few times already why the Developmental Disabilities Association is participating in Blogathon 2009. It seems almost counter-intuitive to be sponsoring Blogathon with dinner when we’re a non-profit Association working to raise funds through Blogathon. Although this is so, the reality of Blogathon is that it will raise much needed awareness for developmental disabilities over funds.

In an interview I had with John Neilson, the President of our Board, he mentioned the “Three Pillars” – 1) Health care, 2) Education and 3) Social Services. The three pillars are unfortunately lopsided in their visibility and represent different things to different people. Health care is an essential need for everybody, education is a need that’s wanted by most people, but social services is a marginalized niche often unrecognized. By being a part of Blogathon, I hope to promote the Developmental Disabilities Association, what we do, what a developmental disability is, the people we service, and why we are needed.


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  1. […] are a couple reasons I suggested the DDA for Twestival Vancouver. Firstly, because developmental disabilities and social services are a often neglected and marginalized fraction of co…. Vancouver has 18% of the provincial population of people with developmental disabilities but only […]

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