Blogathon: DDA History

The Developmental Disabilities Association started off with twelve parents in a basement advocating for their children to access public school resources. Although it originate from the idea of one parent, it quickly grew and became what is now the Developmental Disabilities Association – one of the largest association’s of its kind in Western Canada with close to 600 employees. I came across an article from the Salem News below with a very familiar feel to it, that closely resembles the start of the DDA’s history:

The mother of a child with Down Syndrome wants to start a support group closer to home so she’s inviting anyone interested to an informational meeting at 6:30 p.m. July 30 at the East Liverpool Moose Lodge.

Nikki D’Atri, of Wellsville, said she travels to Jefferson County to meet with other parents, family members and caregivers of people with Down Syndrome because there’s nothing available in Columbiana County.

She wants to change that.

“The whole group’s going to be about community, to reach out to other families,” she said by phone.

D’Atri didn’t know anything about Down Syndrome until the day her daughter was born three-and-a-half years ago. She said the news can be a shock and there may be thoughts by a parent that they’ve done something wrong, but they haven’t.

The lengths that parents make for their children is very moving. For more information and the rest of the article, click here.


One Response to Blogathon: DDA History

  1. Nikki D'Atri says:

    I wanted to give an update on this article that was posted on your blog site. A group has now been established in our area. We are calling our group “The Ups of Downs, Tri-State Down Syndrome Support Group”. We are just getting things off the ground and are looking forward to meeting new families as we expand our group. Thanking you for taking an interest in what happens in the world of disabilities.

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