Blogathon: BBQ, Summer’s Best Friend…Aside From the Sun

The second of our blogathon posts.

So as promised, this entry, I’m going to discuss my profound (or so I claim) observations. My thoughts do not represent all of DDA.

Lately, the Communications department at our office has been invited to countless BBQs. Reason being is each program has their own BBQ, and everyone likes BBQs in the summer.  So I was thinking, why do they choose to do BBQs of all things? I mean, a picnic is nice, a potluck is also fun, but why do we choose to do BBQs at almost every program we have? Well, after attending a few, I’ve come to this (perhaps untrue) conclusion. BBQs give you a sense of summer, a sense of fruition for your hard work (cooking), and a sense of fun being able to chat with others hanging around near the barbecue with their cold drinks in hand.

At the (work) BBQs I attended this year, people are far from shy, and they also don’t  put up a status facade. What do I mean by a status facade? I mean the act of being ‘better’ or ‘different’. Maybe it’s the grease from all the food we’re eating, but people tend to forget everything else, and all they remember is to have fun. We want to chat with everyone. We don’t know or care who has what disability or what part of the hierarchy you are in your workplace. Those things are afterthoughts if they are thoughts at all, during the BBQ. Sure, I was asked about  what I do, but simply as a conversation starter.  People cared more about names, what I was doing in the weekend, what food I was going to get, and so on.

So now I finally think I understand why people like BBQs so much. The food-infused smokey atmosphere makes everyone a lot more friendly and a lot less judgemental.

Maybe my whole ‘judgement-free’ theory about BBQs is inaccurate, and to be honest I am sort of talking more about company BBQs only (not private ones). I don’t mind that my theory is flawed, but at least this theory makes me a lot more comfortable and happy when I do go to BBQs.

What are your experiences at BBQs? Have you noticed the same thing?


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