Blogathon: Asking For Money? Is That Legal?

Another Blogathon Post

Ok, so as a person who works for a non-profit, I do understand that situation of having to fundraise and get donations, etc. I understand, I truly do! But I also do think it is a bit of an overkill to call other non-profits for donations. I had 3 calls in one week AT WORK asking for donations. I’m all for helping out a brother, but some of these organizations were under the same umbrella! And also, if someone is already working for a non-profit, it’s probably not a good idea to hit them up as often because THEY ALSO NEED DONATIONS FOR THEIR OWN CHARITY.

I get a lot of attitude when I say I can’t this time because 3772 other charities have called me recently (at my office!!) and that I can’t this time, but I’ll try for next time. Honestly, if I turned it around and asked them for donations to our organization, they can’t guarantee to me that they’d donate.  When asking for money, whether for a good cause or not, I think it’s important to keep a friendly attitude. No one owes you anything. People are giving out of their own goodness of heart (which reminds me, a big thanks to the sponsors for the blogathon). 

It’s even harder to ask for donations cause of the current economy, so if people are at least giving you the time of day to talk to you, try to be understanding! And of course, this doesn’t go out to all charities who call for donations, cause I’ve talked to some very pleasant people who are very gracious, knowledgeable and understanding.

Three simple guidelines to go by:

1. Always be polite whether the person on the other line donates or doesn’t donate

2. Don’t create a minimum donation (unless it’s for a tax receipt)

3. Show people your gratitude when you receive their support

Of course, as always, take my advice with a grain of salt, but I honestly do think by following these three guidelines, your supporters will be a lot happier to support you.


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3 Responses to Blogathon: Asking For Money? Is That Legal?

  1. Poe says:

    Just wanted to stop by and leave a message for you. (= Thanks for coming to see my trivia! (= I wish you had gotten the right answer! Keep thinking! 😀

  2. SpudBudT says:

    Helloooo, first comment. I think your post makes sense. Someone has to open the eyes of others who don’t know how to ask for money.

    Big Bird is so… overrated. Lol. I like cartoon characters people don’t know.

    Good luck on the rest of Blogathon`09 too. We can do it, we can do it. 😀

  3. Claudia says:


    just want to say good luck on the Blogathon!
    I totally understand and agree what you are talking about! Some people really need to consider the way they ask people for donations. And even if someone refuses to give any donations, I think they should still keep a smile and not just give them a totally different attitude.

    Keep it up! 🙂

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