DDA Day at the Nat

The DDA Day at the Nat was another success this year! It was my first time going to a baseball game, and although I was unable to stay for the entire event, it was plenty of fun going to the Nat and being a part of the festive atmosphere. The smell of freshly bbq’d goods and hot dogs wafted through the air along with streaming orange balloons tied to the trucks from our recycling and donation station.

The festive trucks at the Nat!

Judy Yao threw the first pitch, and staff and volunteers threw all sorts of DDA swag into the stands with everybody scrambling to catch something. Miss Vancouver, Tracy Chand, was again in attendance to volunteer amongst many other people. I wish I was able to stay for more of the game, as I found out when I got back to the office to read twitter updates that @jessicarozitis was also at the event and did some live tweeting there too!

I had plenty of fun at the game and I look forward to seeing all the staff, clients, families and donors present next year! Congratulations to the Vancouver Canadians who wrapped up the game with a 3-2 victory over the Boise Hawks. Thank you everybody for your support, and thank you to everybody who helped make this event a success!

Visit our Day at the Nat photostream on flickr to see more great pictures of the event.


One Response to DDA Day at the Nat

  1. It was such a great event. I went with my father and my two sons. We all enjoyed ourselves.

    My late Grandmother Leola Purdy would have been proud of the event that DDA produced at the Nat on Tuesday. I thought that it was so fitting that we were at a DDA event that involved baseball. Baseball was my late uncle Bob’s favourite sport of all time.

    Keep up the great work!

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